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Edible Flowers

Did you know that there are dozens of edible flowers? Many people often ask about the flowers we use on our boards. We have researched edible flowers to make sure that every board is made safely and free of any poisons. Babys breathe is a very toxic flower and should never touch any food.

Some of the most popular flowers we use on our boards are carnations, pansies, and chrysanthemums. In the month of May, we will be using lilacs and in June-August, we love to use lavender. Our June Subscription box will feature all things floral!

If you ever look at a charcuterie board and say "WOW" it's usually because of the thoughtful garnishments or additional love given to make each board special. When we curate our boards, we like to know our customers. What type of occasion? Who will be enjoying the board? It's amazing how giving the gift of food can create a conversation and blossom into a beautiful memory. We have been able to be a part of weddings, birthdays, holidays, and even passings. The love people share while enjoying a meal together is an ever-last way to make more memories!

What foods will you serve this year with family for Easter? Charcuterie perhaps?!?

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