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How to create the perfect Charcuterie Board 🍇

The experts are here to teach you!! Who are we kidding?!? We just love what we do. Charcuterie is an artful way to eat artisan cheese, cured meats and crackers.

Because no one ever said "I'll bring a lunchable" to a party, Right?!? We are here to help you through the process!!

The perfect charcuterie board for everyone is going to be a little different. Someone may choose to have lunch meat like turkey or ham, or Dry salami (not my favorite) or even meat free. The key to a good board is creating something you are proud of, tastes good and doesn't break the bank.

All of our boards typically include 20-40 ingredients. Yours may only have 5-10 and that is absolutely fine. First you'll start with your cheese. Typically this is factored for 1oz per person. The meat items you will place next, about 2oz/ person and then you add your grapes, spreads/ jams and olives. When you are finished with adding things you will want to style the meat. There are many ways to style, whether it be roses, ribbons, fans or just piled.

The last steps are your fillers (fruits and nuts and a few chocolates) and then your garnishment. See our post about edible 🌸

We also teach workshops that can help you learn to cut and style your boards! Think of each board as a reflection of your personality and your mood!

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